Are you looking for a loan with a ten-year repayment plan? Well, then if you are looking for this credit product, you are in the right guide. In the continuation of the discussion, you will find an answer to all the questions concerning the assessment and activation of a loan with a duration of […]

If you are an employee or a worker employed by the state and / or local public employment and want to take advantage of the credit activities provided and guaranteed by Inps Inpdap, then you are in the right guide dedicated to the financing to buy a car by switching on the loan and / […]

  As it is now known, the Inpdap no longer exists , having been suppressed by the Monti government in 2012 in order to rationalize the social security sector and reduce all to one single entity. However, if now all the institutions’ inclinations have merged into INPS , which has activated the Public Employee Management […]

  The combination of financial products and insurance products is still the subject of constant regulatory revisions against the widespread and established practice of credit institutions to oblige the credit client to “bind” the underwriting of insurance policies (non-life and / or life business) ) for the provision of loans. However, the disintermediation and multi-channel […]

  There is no happier time than the one related to the contribution and support of expenses related to the marriage of the son or daughter . A life project is really important for the child who must also be supported by the parent employed in the public sector: to support this dream of life […]

Are you looking for an Inpdap mortgage with a 20 year repayment plan ? So, if you have the right requirements, you can turn on an Inpdap Loan that can be placed in the mortgage category. Let’s see, in this guide, what is this peculiar type of medium / long-term loan, who are the recipients […]